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Welcome to Rugby Freegle

Part of the Freegle organisation.

Don't throw it away, give it away!

You might not want it, but someone just round the corner might.

Your local group for recycling those unwanted gifts and possessions.

We're here to help you give and get stuff for free - anything which could go in landfill. All items must be legal, appropriate and free. No loans, swaps or sales please - just free gifts.

Please treat all members with consideration and respect and help us to build a friendly community.

Problems? Contact Rugby's volunteer moderators  for help.

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DISCLAIMER: Freegle puts people who have unwanted items in touch with people who want those items. Because of how it works, Freegle never sees or checks items and they may not be in working order. Posting an advert or responding to an advert does not guarantee you will be able to get rid of unwanted items or get the items you want. Any agreement you reach about any items will be between the person requesting or advertising items and you. It is your responsibility to ensure you are not breaking any laws in offering or getting goods through Freegle.

SAFETY NOTICE: Members of this group use it entirely at their own risk. Please take all reasonable measures to protect yourself and your family's safety and privacy when posting to the list or collecting an item.